- Legal Advisers of banks in Hong Kong
- Providing lectures and seminars to banking officers
- Banking documentations
- Advice on all aspects of banking practice
- Syndication loans and other financial documentations

Corporate and Commercial
- Corporate restructure, takeovers and mergers
- Formation, Acquisitions and Sales of companies, shares, assets and businesses
- Agencies, franchise and distribution arrangements
- Company secretarial services
- Different sorts of credit and security transactions

- Banking, corporate and business litigation
- Criminal litigation
- Media litigation
- Debt collection
- Insurance-related litigation
- Personal injury claims
- Tenancy disputes
- General litigation
- Bankruptcy and insolvency
- Property damage recovery action
- Commercial-oriented litigation
- Defamation

Intellectual Property
- Registration and protection of patents, trademarks, designs and tradenames - local and foreign
- Copyright
- Infringement actions
- Passing-off disputes
- Opposition proceedings
- Anti-counterfeiting

Real Property
- Property sales, purchases and other conveyancing transactions
- Bank mortgages and financing
- Home ownership and private sector mortgages
- Tenancy and licences
- Property disputes and litigation
- Security Enforcement

Family Law and Probate
- Divorce proceedings
- Matrimonial and custody claims and settlement
- Will
- Probate and administration of estate
- Succession
- Contested probate actions


- Partners:-
Donny S. K. Chiu
Wong Man Hin

- Senior Consultants:-
Tony K. W. Chow, Notary Public
Peter R. Griffiths, Notary Public

- Consultants:-
Carrie S.W. Lo
Jeanna N. M. Hau
Mok Mui Ling
Tsui Wai Ki Philip, Notary Public


Chow, Griffiths & Chan is one of the well-established law practices in Hong Kong and we maintain the highest standards of professional practice and services rendered for clients through the process of recruitment, supervision and training. Quality to us means clients' satisfaction with our services as well as our fees and bills.

The partners of Chow, Griffiths & Chan will be pleased to talk to you and introduce you to the lawyer who can best assist you. You are invited to call our Partner Mr. Donny Chiu on (852) 2916 1357, or our Office Manager, Ms. Connie Szeto at (852) 2916 1353.

Quality of Service

To ensure that we offer a high standard of service, every Associate of the firm has a Supervising Partner or Consultant who will, where necessary review and approve all outgoing advice and correspondence. You are invited to communicate directly with the Associate as well as the Supervising Partner to discuss your case.


Chow, Griffiths & Chan adheres to professional confidentiality and will not discuss your affairs with any other person, party or organization outside the firm without your express permission.

Basis of our Charges

Chow, Griffiths & Chan appreciates that clients need to budget for legal costs and expenses. We are ready and prepared to discuss the basis of our charges and billing procedures.